This is my story.

June 7, 2024

I am Dneail. You might know me as the guy who made Queye or that guy who made DJ Silk, but I'm so much more than that. I don't want to use AI to explain this. I don't want to use graphics or animations to tell my story. I want to just write it down. I'm not great at telling stories, though, so bear with me.

I guess I should start where all stories begin; at the beginning. How did I get here? From a young age, I wanted to make something big in this world. Something that would change the world. I wanted to make a brand or be an influencer. But I wasn't obsessed with influencing. Nonetheless, I wanted to be famous.

I was born in a Russian-speaking household, where I didn't make much effort learning English. I remember walking into my first day of school, not knowing a word of English. I don't remember what I did in my early childhood after school. I probably played with toys like other kids.

Honestly, I don't know what I wanted. I had so many interests. Whatever worked, I guess. So I started with a book. In school, we were told about this app called Book Creator. I came home that day excited to try it and I did.

I had forgotten about that app until years later, I was playing with my toys and wanted to make a book about it. I did, but I found that my video-making skills were better. And so, I made a movie. The duration was 1 hour and 27 minutes.

An hour-and-a-half-long video of me playing with dolls isn't exactly interesting. Which explains why, today, seven years later, the trailer has 43 views and 4 likes. The trailer was published May 6, 2017.

That channel is still up today, but I won't provide a link, you'll just have to find it. It was a variety channel, in content genre and language. Sometimes, I spoke heavily-accented English, sometimes I spoke Russian. It just depended on what I was feeling like that day.

I don't know where my father worked. I don't know if it was his or not. But one day, he showed me an app maker. It wasn't a great maker and it had a pretty crappy name, but it was something. For long, I had been designing phones and apps out of paper. Now, I could make real apps. Granted, the apps were probably just a web app with text and buttons, but to my young mind, it was something.

I was about to make my first app when I saw a prompt, "Design your app from your website". "What's this?" I asked my father. He explained it to me and showed me that I could make a website with Wix. I hated Wix. Don't get me wrong, Wix is an amazing platform, but to my young mind, everything was paywalled behind an impossible subscription fee. Nevertheless, I logged on almost every day, telling myself "This website would be bigger than Google." And it wasn't.

I never stopped creating. I never did it publicly, though. At school, I continued to make those paper phones and apps. And every day, I would come home and watch a children's Netflix show.

Just before I started the Dneail YouTube channel, I made a new service under my first "company". It was called GTEBL and was a book library. For some time, I had been drawing comics about "Mr. Awesome" and I wanted to make a digital book. "Mr. Awesome's New Day" was the first book I made in a while on GTEBL. Then, Comic Life. You can still read them all on Dneail Stream or the Queye equivalent if one ever releases.

And then, COVID hit. It affected everyone. For me, I was bored so I told myself I was going to become popular. It's an interesting story. Basically, Roblox ran an egg hunt every year. That year, I was a part of it and saw that there was an egg that only influencers with 100,000 on YouTube could get. I wanted it! I wanted to get into the Roblox Video Stars program.

And, so, like that, I made a new YouTube channel and tried to grow it. The name was "DneailPlays", but I changed it to "Dneail" after my Roblox profile. This name was taken from my real name, Daniel, and I made it in 2017. My first video was showing all the Roblox Easter Eggs, but it wasn't actually the first video I recorded, it was just the first one that uploaded.

Over years, I've grown. I told myself I wouldn't make a website for this project. But, I was bored and decided to do it. But I hated having to get people to go a I wanted my own domain; It was available and I wanted it.

I got it but I realized I wouldn't be able to use Wix, which was fine by me. I instead went to WordPress. Around this time, a few old friends of mine had gotten in contact. You might know one of them as Kitsune.

And it continued from there. Constant drama, late nights on Jailbreak, it was truly a time. One of the first things I did when I got was not make a merch store. I honestly don't remember exactly when I made my merch store. My website didn't have security installed so there was no point in making a store. But, alas, I coughed up the fee and made a merch store and got a few sales. was great, but also very crowded. So much was in one place and it was hard to keep it all together. Imagine having to keep a bunch of water droplets from merging in a small, crowded dish. That's what was like. Merch, Dneail Red (now Dneail Stream) and all my socials updating live. It was a mess.

And then I made an album. Epicness, my first album. It was a quick album that I made in a weekend and it, honestly, shows. But, some of the tracks, especially DJ Silk, were starting to become popular in my area. At school, DJ Silk would play over my school P.A. At least, people in my community knew me. I still get called DJ Silk, by the way, and I have no issue with that.

It was weird for a content creator to have their own streaming service. I also had a service called PLAYMATES which "matched" you with players but was really just a page with a bunch of gaming profiles, because I didn't know how to code. I even made a virtual voice assistant. And I also made my own web browser and this is the part of the story where we meet Queye.

I didn't want to use Google for my browser's search engine. I wanted my own. And so, I made Dneail Search. I almost instantly renamed it to Queye. It was pretty crappy, but it wasn't that bad. I left it and didn't touch it for a long time.

Around this time, I made a console. Yes, I started selling a console, right after I made my game, The Stickman Chronicles (with the help of Kitsune). I made my first "enemy" (I didn't call him that, I wanted to be a positive guy), around this time, too, African BlueJay. He left hate comments and I brushed them off. Honestly, despite all this, 2020-21 summer (summer happens at the beginning of the year here in Australia) was truly a nostalgic time for me. No summer was like it. Today, me and him hold no grudges.

If you've stuck around with me for a while, you may remember my content was stolen by a Roblox Events "Leaker". To this day, I still never received credit.

I mainly worked on Dneail Stream (which dabbled in some not-entirely-legal stuff)*, Dneail Domains (later Blink Domains), and Transbanian - my own language. Can you believe that a YouTuber made their own language?

I wasn't showing much growth, but I continued to try. I tried many styles; animation, gaming, storytime, Discord, Sonic, everything and nobody cared.

I went deep into my music. I finished Epicness, Vol. 4 and went to Awesomeness, Vol. 1. But I realized this isn't the path I wanted so, I made "From the Top". That album would be the last album before I announced, I'd be ending my music career. I was no good at singing, or, so I thought.

Many times, I tried to redo the mess that Dneail was. I wanted to document what I was making. It was hard. I realized it's so easy to create, at least for me.

I had about three months out of the country and used the time to make more videos. They were turning out great and I liked them. One of my most prominent series, the Memes series, started in my closet and finished late nights overseas.

I was sitting in a restaurant one day. My mother was chatting with a friend, and I was scrolling Twitter. I came across this account called TKS-TV. I wanted to partner with them because for a while I wanted to make DOT - Dneail Online Television. The next day, he wrote back and I got started. I also wanted to make DOT better but I was too busy. TKS launched radio, and so did Dneail. Now, that station is called QFM.

I even ran a week-long event called Dneail Live Week (or Dneail Special Event in 2020), every year, on my birthday. I took inspiration from Apple's WWDC.

Skip ahead a bunch, I made Dneail Online, later Ohai. Ohai was a great social network and it thrived. People were actually using it! I was making some money. It was great! I was finally making a difference. Unfortunately, my hosting plan couldn't sustain the number of users. Looking back, it was probably a rogue script or a virus, but I could never track it down. So, I shut down Blink Domains, hoping the issue stemmed from there. Around this time, I started learning French.

It did not. I had to shut down the one place that actually made me money. I was devastated. Maybe, I could bring it back. I said that!

And one day, I looked at Yandex and saw how it was a great start page. I wanted to recreate that! I used the old version of Queye to try, but it wasn't that great. So I sat down and made a Queye I would like. I had already taught myself a bit of HTML and JavaScript and thought it wouldn't be a hard undertaking.

I registered the and domains. was taken. Actually, I wanted to put Queye on a domain for a long time, but I had been putting it off. I thought I would launch Queye on and, after a year, switch to, because it was cheaper. I did not. was so tied into Queye at that point that I didn't want to switch it. An extra $15 was no problem. Around this time, I had almost launched my latest and last Dneail service, Dneail Tunes and Dneail Artists.

I thought I had finished my music career and I don't remember exactly why, but eventually I did make New Day. I mostly used autotune because I was afraid of my own voice. Now, I understand that my voice is powerful and great. I continued to make music, but I didn't go with the Volume 1, 2, 3, I would always go with. Fun fact; I told myself when I was much younger that if I ever become a musician, I would make albums literally be named 1, 2, 3 etc., I think that's what Adele does, I don't know.

Queye was becoming a major part of my life. I dedicated a lot of time to it. I tried making accounts via My Queye, but it wasn't so great. I realized that I no longer wanted Dneail to be a musician, influencer, and company. It was weird and I was not here to break boundaries, in that sense, at least. And, with sadness, I announced, Dneail would no longer be operating as a company. I shut down Dneail ID and all the like, and dedicated more to Queye.

And, one day, I was in Barcelona. I came back to my car and it was broken into. My laptop, my priceless belongings, passports, clothes, all gone. And with it, Ohai. I could no longer recover the one thing that I made that was used by people.

I'm sure you know the rest. Forjed came into my life and with it a great friend! He found me on Wikipedia. Queye was and still is mentioned on the Wikipedia page for search engine. Pluggie, the guy from Forjed, looked it up, followed me, and I contacted him. Today, we're great friends and he introduced me to his friends, who helped me fix bugs and security vulnerabilities on Queye. I'm not on good terms with them right now, but hopefully, we'll be able to put everything behind us.

Not much else to say, now. I finally integrated Queye Accounts and Queye AI, which I've been wanting to do since long ago. Queye is my passion project and I honestly don't know if I'll ever stop developing it. I've made so many albums, been in so many arguments, tried like hell to protect my private info and, still, I can't even count 10 people who have heard of "Dneail". One day, hopefully.

Whenever someone asks me who else helps me make the service, I usually say "my friends". But that's rarely the case. I made Queye from the ground up, I made Dneail from the ground up. Sure, I had some help, but 99% was created and funded by me. I even bought a domain for TKS-TV (I actually misspelled it, so I had to buy two), because I knew what it was like not having enough money for a domain. I hope it helped, TKS.

I'd like to conclude this by saying I am truly grateful to each and every person who has been there on this journey, friend or foe.
Thank you, Kitsune, you have been there since before Dneail and you're still here despite everything.
Thank you to his brother.
Thank you, Litonic, I hope you read this someday.
Dom, I hope you can text me back someday.
Thanks, Africanbj, I guess without your comments, I wouldn't be who I am today.
Thanks, Terebi for helping get Dneail where it is today.
Thank you, Jaden, I'm still sorry about that falling out.
Thank you, Pluggie, your search engine is amazing and I can't wait to see what happens next. Thank you for helping me learn French.
Thank you, Clay, Onion, and Ham, I'm really sorry about how things ended but a free soul holds no grudges.
And thank you to each and every one of my subscribers on YouTube, followers on Twitter, and users on Queye. You are what keeps me going.
If you'd like to support me after reading this, feel free to just use Queye sometimes, maybe make an account, click that ad on the front page or even subscribe to Queye Plus. I fund all my projects myself.

This is not the end, this is the part right after the beginning.

Copyright © Dneail 2024. All rights reserved. *This is not to be misinterpreted as me breaking the law or confessing to a crime.